Centrifugal Fan

Our extensive range of centrifugal fans meets virtually every industrial air movement or heating and ventilating requirement. With our standard range of fans ranging from 300mm to over 2000mm in size.

Special purpose solutions are available for applications such as high temperature furnaces and kilns up to 1100oc, and for high duties, we can supply blowers developing up to 20 kPa static pressure in a single stage and high volume multi-vane fans delivering over 120m3/sec.

We supply our Centrifugal fans like our  Axial range in a variety of materials i.e. Mild steel, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, 4003, 2205 Duplex and Plastic, to name just a few.

From our diverse range we feel that we have almost a fan for all applications, and in the unlikely event we cannot supply something to suit your requirements, the likelihood is that we know someone who can, due to our wide array of contacts, gained in over 45 Years of manufacturing.

Our Centrifugal range consists of a variety of impeller designs, each with its own characteristics and capabilities.

All our fans come in Belt or Direct drive arrangements and are covered by a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.


As you can see from the details above Stockbridge Airco Ltd manufacture a wide variety of fans each with numerous designs of impeller.

As well as the standard range of impellers, Stockbridge Airco offers an impeller & fans replication service.

This facility has allowed us to refurbish & duplicated numerous items for a wide array of customers, and we are more than happy to replicate almost any item, whether it be an impeller, fan unit or even something a little more obscure.

So if your existing fan or impeller is obsolete, and you require a replacement, contact us, and let us help.

Our impellers can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials, and also can be finished in a variety of coatings varying from Air dry enamel all the way through non stick Teflon coatings.

Axial Fan


Stockbridge Airco’s Axial fans, like its centrifugal fan range, consists of numerous designs, Allowing us to fulfil varying application requirements. The three main designs of Axial fans are Direct Drive (In Air-stream), Direct Drive (Outside Air-Stream) & Belt Driven.

LCA - Long Case SCA - Short Case BDA - Belt Drive MBF - Bifurcated Plate Fans

AXIAL Impellers & ANCILLARIES axial impeller

The hubs fitted to our Axial impellers can be offered Powder or 2PK epoxy coated, and supplied with Stainless Steel fixings, to protect from chemical attack, as required.

The standard ancillaries for our axial fan units include items such as Mounting Feet, A/V Mounts, Flexible Connections & Matching Flanges. Should you require alternative ancillaries such as Dampers, Inverters, Acoustic jackets, Silencers etc. please let us know, as we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.


atex fan directive

Stockbridge Airco Ltd, supply fans suitable for many applications and are proud to be able to offer a full ATEX range of industrial fans, both Centrifugal and Axial.

If you require a fan suitable for a potentially explosive environment, please contact us and we will be more than willing to guide you through the process, of selecting the right fan, See the below details to learn more about ATEX and how it may effect you.

ATEX Regulations

The ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU covers equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Directive defines the essential health and saftey requirements and conformity assessment procedures, to be applied before products are placed on the EU market. It is aligned with the New Legislative Framework policy, and it is applicable from 20 April 2016, replacing the previous Directive 94/9/EC.

A Guidance document on the ATEX Directive transition from 94/9/EC to 2014/34/EU   (371KB) is available, with a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

ATEX & Zoning Explained

ATEX basically describes the presence of a potentially explosive atmosphere. This can be present in various environments which can be either Gas or Dust. The danger of each explosive environment is classified by Zones in Europe, see below for a brief description.

*Fans cannot be installed in ZONE 0 or ZONE 20 environments.

fan arrangements



Fans come in many designs and arrangements, of which the main two are Belt Drive or Direct Drive. As you can imagine our fans are used in a multitude of environments and locations, Meaning that our fans have to be manufactured to suit its surroundings and its operational requirements, for examples of our fan arrangements please see below where you will find fans suited to the conservation of space ie. No.4 or fans that have to accommodate large motors with a lot of torque, ie. No7 or Belt driven designs No.1 & No.9, to name just a few. Take a look at the designs below for reference purposes.

Fan Arrangements:


A handing of a fan simply means the direction of a fans discharge, whether it be pointing straight up, to either side or even downwards.

Take a look at the chart, which should hopefully assist in the correct selection of the fans handing, prior to order. (Please note all handing’s are viewed from the drive side, looking over the fans pedestal).