Fan Balance

Should you ever experience Vibration with your fan unit, it is imperative that you investigate the cause quickly, to avoid any further potential damage occurring.

Most vibration is cause by the impeller going out of balance for some reason, either by a build up of Product on the blades or by the impeller taking a knock or been damaged.

This is where Dynamic balancing comes in. Our highly qualified engineers, using some of the latest Hi-tech machinery can attend site to investigate any potential issues, and then if appropriate rebalance the impeller onsite in situ, causing the least amount of disruption to your critical production.

Standards of Balance:

At Stockbridge Airco we exceed these standards, and we offer G2.5 grade balancing in most cases as standard.

Higher grades of balance are available on request.

Detailed consideration of errors with balancing and verification of residual unbalance are in ISO 1940-2.

ISO 1940-1:2003 does not cover rotors in a flexible state. The balance quality requirements for rotors in a flexible state are covered by ISO 11342.


  • Lengthens service life of machinery.
    Products with unbalanced parts often have a shorter service life.
  • Reduces costly downtime and repairs from machinery breakdown
  • Improves running conditions and ensures optimum performance of machinery
  • Reduces chances of failure
    Vibration and imbalance can lead to catastrophic failure
  • Increases bearing life and reduces bearing loads.
  • Reduced noise and disruptive vibration
  • Ensure the health and safety of persons working with the machinery.

Fan Services


We offer Quarterly or 6 monthly Scheduled Maintenance to all our customers, and feel that it is one of the things vital to the smooth running of any companies machinery. Regular scheduled maintenance checks are crucial and sadly regularly overlooked, with our scheduled maintenance plan we can attend your site at a time that suits you. We will inspect your fan(s) and related ancillary items and supply a report highlighting if any further action needs to be taken. (We offer this service not just for Stockbridge Airco Fans, but also for other fan manufacturers equipment).

INSTALLATION Fan installation

All fans we supply obviously need installing. This is usually performed by our customers, but we also offer an installation service where we assist or install the fan for you, (Under your supervision). We find this ensures that everything fan related is fitted and installed to both yours and our exacting standards, and gives our customers piece of mind with the fan installation process and setup.


Due to some of the harsh environments that our fans are required to operate in, it is unfortunately inevitable that over time the fan unit(s) will wear, and parts will need to be refurbished or replaced.

Whether you require modifications, upgrades, refurbishment or repairs. Stockbridge Airco are more than willing to assist, and are happy to advise on the most appropriate cause of action to take.

With regards to refurbishment, we usually like to have the fan unit(s) back to our works where possible. This gives us access to a wider array of tools, machining, craneage etc. making the process easier, more efficient and this usually allows for a speedier turn-around. Where it is not possible to return the fan(s) to our works to be refurbished our engineer(s) can attend site and perform most tasks onsite. Although a little more of a complex operation, we aim to accommodate your requirements where possible.

Whether your fan or system needs Testing, Upgrading, Modifying, Refurbishing, Repairing, or if you just require advice regarding your options, give us a call, and we will be more than willing to help.


industrial fan systems

Ventilation Systems, can be a minefield, and requires expert consultation & calculation to ascertain your true requirements. Fortunately over the years Stockbridge Airco Ltd has created close bonds with some of the most prolific companies who's main line of work is the design of ventilation systems. We find this partnership works very well for our customers and provides a one stop solution to there system design needs.


Stockbridge Airco FSS Ltd, aims to make our customers life as easy as possible and likes to gain as much information as possible prior to giving advice. i.e - Replacing an existing fan unit, copying another fan manufacturers fan unit or prior to an install. In most cases Stockbridge Airco FSS Ltd will carry out a survey free of charge, but must unfortunately request a purchase order for each visit.

You will only be charged for a survey visit(s) / report(s) which does not lead to the placement of an order.


We pride ourselves on the Investigation and diagnosis of fan related faults. Our engineers have some of the latest Hi Tech equipment to assist in there investigations, and have been bred with the attitude to exhaust all avenues during there diagnostic investigation.

All diagnostic work is backed up with a full report, which contains full results of our findings, and advisory remarks. This will then be followed up with a quotation if required.