Brownfield Site development

A potential client contacted Stockbridge Airco FSS Ltd with a request for assistance.
We are always happy to assist where we can & when they told us they wanted a recommendation for someone that could provide them with a one stop design, manufacture & installation solution, for a new brownfield site project they were putting together, we were even happier as the recommendation was………………Stockbridge Airco FSS.

We visited site & went through the various requirements they had; understanding what their priorities, limitations & overall objectives were.
Once we fully understood what they wanted our engineers surveyed the site & put together our proposals.
The client also commissioned a sound survey, together with any necessary acoustic proposals, as they were close to a residential area & didn’t want to cause any problem for their neighbours.

We kept the offer as simple as possible for minimum maintenance & kept a watch on the budget too but built in enough scope for future modification & control.
Direct drive fans with ABB IE3 motors were offered for reliability with minimal maintenance & low initial cost. The fan motors were proposed as inverter controlled so that when not in 100% production the units could be wound down to save energy & reduce noise levels at night / weekends.
Isolation dampers, incorporating Schischek actuators, were also offered to allow sections of the system to be closed off completely when not required.
Additional silencing equipment was offered, as the sound survey our acoustics engineer carried out had indicated things were going to be borderline.
We don’t believe in clients spending money for the sake of it so we offered the acoustics as an option for future installation, once the new system was installed & up & running.

A second site meeting was held at the clients request to just go over the proposal & double check everything.
In that meeting, subject to a few tweaks, the full system & installation proposal at a value of £110k was accepted by the client & we have received the order to commence installation in early June with work to be completed by the end of that month.